Interior images make homes sell faster

Realtor tip of the day, consider the interior looks of your listings.   Take a good look at the views inside and layout of the rooms, how would you showcase this room?   Add a little flair, take a different photos from a different perspective, a few lower shots to create interest, highlight something of interest.

After all what are photographs if they do not make the person interested to take a second look or for that matter even click on “the” image to see your listing in the first place, what does it take?  all it takes is Great Photography.

Interiors are especially hard due to lighting them, not to nuke with strobe lights but gentle graceful light as if kissed by an angel with natural sunlight to make the “natural look”, gives the room feeling, just like you are there, or in this case want to sit down inside this room, this is what Great Photography can do for your listings.  Give us a call so we may showcase your next or current listing with an fresh-up image or two.

Here are a few examples of our grace’s of light images.  Think too, not every room needs a broad “wide” shot, some interested small photographs are sometimes best to make your phone ring to have them take a closer look.

Call Melissa our great staff photographer for an appointment today, OC or LA call 818.903.3991

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