first blog post mi6 films

Hello, to everyone waiting to see who we are.   This is our real first blog. Who are we?   What do we do?

We are a group of Photographers, cinematographers, film makers, aerial cinematography, shooting video and short documentary on all sorts of subjects, products and productions where the “wind of travel” may take us.

Real Estate Photography is one of our passions to help folks sell their homes using our images to capture the feelings & life style of their home.   We sell flavor and living of a home, not just taking photos of a house.   Zip Zap !!  We can help you sell your listings with imagination in marketing,  hence our name mi6 films, marketing intelligence to a better degree, our higher sixth sense, making images still and moving called film, captured with the finest video equipment on planet earth.

We will share with you our images captured, video’s of home lifestyles along with our travel adventures.   Time to time we will review camera’s , film making equipment, video software and the like, as time permits include a few tips & tricks photography.

What we are selling?  Are you a REALTOR?  want great photography to sell your listings?   We are your marketing company.

Real Estate Photography        To make an appointment call 760-877-8139

Real Estate Video for YouTube

Corporate Head shots for your business cards, web site, facebook, social media

RC Helicopter Video 1080P & Aerial Photography Canon 5D, Canon 7D, Canon 550D/T2i

Our Gallery of examples will be posted soon

Our FILM TOOLS shopping cart to purchase a video Dolly Slides for your DSLR for smooth glide video.

Patio Sunset at Ritz Cove California

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