FAA closed airspace to all RC Aircraft till 2013 !!

We are no longer permitted to fly in the USA due to a new FAA pending rule change aimed at commercial use of RC Helicopters till they decide on how to issue permits to use them in the USA the FAA has decided to close all operations of all Commercial use of any RC aircraft & RC helicopters in aerial photography businesses, aerail video PERIOD.   

Our phone calls with them over the past few day at the FAA office in Washington DC, they will not be issuing permits till sometime in 2013.  

We are flying INTERNATIONALLY,   Canada, South America & Europe is still open, we do and have flown in this countries over the past year, your project production is in these countries, we can help.

USA, we have a “real” R-44 Helicopter available, rates start at $9500. per day with pilot, for video film productions within the USA.

Cheers, till permited within the USA airspace, sometime in 2013.   mi6films staff

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