mix one part water + one photographer, you get “wet look”

Hello, welcome to the 2011 New Year !!   Why are Great Photos, GREAT?   We make em that way.  You have a lot of choices in picking a Photographer to take photos of your new listing, we know.  So why pick us?

We take the time to make the “image” stand out, we go that little extra in the actual capture in an Architectural Style.  One little item can make all the difference between, just another MLS photo, and WOW !! I want to check this one out.

We add WATER, that little reflective quality in H2O that makes a difference in our GREAT Photography that sells your listings faster, proven, time after time.

Take a moment to see what a little water can do on the exterior photo, just think what we can do inside, hum… now that I have said that, NO we do not add water inside, relax.

What we do inside is our little efforts to “stage” the home, we bring magazines, fresh fruit bowls, fresh flowers, books & reading glasses, champagne bottle with glasses, touches in the baths, add a few extra things to the kitchen too, in our box of treats,  all make the difference between “just a photo” and a simple GREAT Photography, made in an Architectural Style, we call Magazine Quality, captured in natural light with a hint of flash !!

Half day photo session “with water” starts at $425. home 5,000 or less, $100. more if larger.

Just see, what a little water can do…

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