Congress Senate joins House on FAA bill passed

Image  of a Drone with a pair of HellFire missiles attached is what the FAA thinks we are flying to take aerial photography with, hum, this seems to be the perception with a lot of our Congress too, public thinking we are spying on them, pilots think we are in the way of them landing or flying, all are wrong.  RC Helicopters & air craft are flown for aerial photography & video work at less than 200 feet above the ground always in sight of the operator, most of the aerials for Realtors less than a hundred feet, video for film industry more like 50 feet.  Misconception of and understanding of our industry has been the issue.  So for now, the image above is what they have in mind when thinking of us, Aerial Photography & Aerial Video companies !!

The U.S. Senate late Monday joined the House in passing the first  FAA Reauthorization Bill called “FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012“. Which both the Senate & House included a provision aimed at protecting the RC aviation flights from regulations that in my opinion are unnecessary, restrictive and over reaching !! to put it mildly.   The bill is expected to signed into law.

FAA has told two reporters, Nick Wingfield New York Times and Alan Levin a reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek  whom I personally have spoken with, their interviews with staff at the FAA told them that the new FAA RC guidelines are coming in Spring 2012.  FAA will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking [NPRM] for public comment at which time we can see “how to comply” with the new FAA guidelines and be flying again ourselves as mi6 films RC helicopters for film industry & Realtors soon. FAA spokes person told the Bloomberg reporter the new pending regulations for commercial use of RC drones, will be limited “when licensed”, to only flying in non-populated areas.  This does not sound good, especially coming from an investigative reporter speaking directly with staff this week at the FAA in Washington D.C., whom did not wish to be identified  per Alan.

Here is the full story on our company mi6films this weekend edition of Bloomberg Businssweek, tells a short side of the story, but we are thankful for any additional attention this can bring, again so we can fly again for “all our loyal clients” safely and within the law’s of USA national air space.

Read story here from Bloomberg Business week by Alan Levin

One more story posted this week from the Academy of Model Aeronautics tells the FAA story from a different point of view, list the Congress members who are helping get us a guideline regulation for flying RC Helicopters.

Plenty more on this subject, just Google FAA RC Helicopters or FAA Drones or FAA Modernization Act 2012,  read way too much on this subject.

RECAP:  All we wish is the FAA have a guideline regulation so we may comply, get flying again, plain and simple.

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