How to set-up Your own YouTube Channel

Hello again your back for more information about marketing your listing on YouTube the second most searched site for Real Estate for Sale in the world.

What we can do to help you at LA Digital Photography.
1. Make you a showcase video of your listing
2. Put it on a property address web site
3. Post your video on our YouTube Channel
4. Help you spread the work with Social Media Marketing.

OK, well let’s get started to show you how easy it is to get your own YouTube Channel going and more on SEO of your Video.
Here is a short video to show you Melissa making a YouTube video behind the camera look at the video process.

First, before uploading any video, follow these steps.

Make a YouTube channel by going to Upper right corner, sign in will allow you to make your own Channel. Type in your name, birthday, a Google username, a password, your gender, an alternate email address and the security confirmation information. Check the Terms of Service box and click “Next Step.”

Google will have you verify the account information and then create the YouTube account.

Return to the YouTube home page and click the link that says “Sign In” if you are not already signed in.
Remember to name it like the name of your Real Estate company, second tag is maybe your name. Example might be Sotheby’s Exclusive Estate Property by Your Name here.

You will need a Google @ account, make a new one with the account name same as your new YouTube channel name. Go to profile Google section now and upload your image avatar as from Google will pull this into use for YouTube Channel section, later I will show you where to change the YouTube Channel avatar.

Now before uploading any video, make a channel background to showcase your professional image.

How to Make a channel background template using local area photos, your company logo, your headshot photo that tell a story about your service. Use a paid image service like to get better quality images stay away from the free sites OR call Melissa to help you with local stock image or two around your market area, she can even take a headshot for you too, plus we may all ready have some stock images for sale.

To make the background template in PhotoShop use the service called there you will find many people who will make you one with your supplied images and text into a PhotoShop file, PSD for $5.00. On Fiverr page find the search box and type in YouTube background, you will see many people pop up to help you. Look Professional, you can use the template up on YouTuber, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr account background pages. In Photoshop use the save as “web” into a jpeg format to upload as a background image.

Background image upload is easy on your YouTube Channel page, upload this as the background, go to My Channel, upper right click Channel Settings, then you will see Avatar and Background upload.

Now your ready to upload your first video to your New Channel. Your ready with Pro looking background, your avatar set, now upload your dot mov file.

Upload started you will need to type in some information about the video.

Title: Use the property address, city, state plus a second set of keywords or phrase like “Ocean Front Home for sale”

Typing in the Title, the city and state are very important, as buyers are international too, we have had six properties sold to international buyers in the last year directly from them finding the property “First” on YouTube, then calling the agent.  Yes YouTube video does sell and market homes fast !!

Description: First thing: put your blog www.URL, your company URL, the property address URL, your Facebook fan page URL, your Twitter URL, then a comment like Hi this is Randy the listing agent for this magnificent home, please take a look at the short video to see the property, call me for your private showing at 322.444.5678, here are some of the features, etc etc, then list your Name, Company, e-mail and phone number, cell number. Please hit the like button, leave me a comment and share this video with your family and friends too.

Tag: This is the same as KeyWords that the search engine will be looking for to find your video. Think what a buyer would type into YouTube to find your video, ocean front property, pool home, horse property, gated community, boat dock, etc etc. Any sting of works put a ” ” quote around to make them show as one item to the search bot, you can list up to 120 letters in this space. A comma between words is not necessary.

Select where to put the video, people n blogs is for Real Estate videos


Standard license


Your done at least with this part, uploading to your own YouTube Channel Congratulations !!

Now on the YouTube video page of the property, you can send a copy of this video to your client buyers, the sellers of course to show them and more important embed a copy of the video into your own web site, too.

YouTube will rank your video by the number of hits it gets and back links to the video. Here are a few steps to get better ranking on the YouTube web site. Example is to type in California costal homes on YouTube you will find about 10,000 plus videos showing homes for sale, others are just marketing junk, how to get your video to the first page, now that is our next segment. See our next blog post for more on Social Media Marketing your SEO Guide to YouTube for the Realtor.

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