Social Media Marketing for YouTube Video’s

Welcome back in this segment we will show you tips and tricks to get your YouTube Real Estate video more towards the first search page of YouTube and appear on Google too.

The first segment we talked about the power of YouTube as a tool in marketing your listings.  The second segment we talked about setting up your own YouTube Channel and in this segment I will show you how to get your video a better placement in the YouTube and Google search engine, how to possibly get on the top page of YouTube when your buyers come shopping for a new home in your area, your Video will be showcased as number one.

Here are the basic rules for getting better placement on YouTube, it is called natural views.  Sometimes a video goes viral I am sure you have seen them, something funny or an event where it get’s millions of viewers overnight.  Well trust me, this is not going to happen with your Real Estate Listing Video of the property, unless your showing some movie star lounging by the pool and use that movie star keyword name to get top slot, but that is not buyers who see your video, you need people who are searching for that special property to type in the keywords about the property style or type they are looking for in the area they want, you want your video to appear first, so read on let me give you a few tips how to do this, remember our example search for California Costal Property or Costal homes in the last segment, your video will get lost in the 10,000 videos, you need to be on the first page or closer to it.

Here are the basic steps of Social Media Marketing then we will show you the details on each in a minute, the object is to get people looking at your YouTube video, click the Like button and writing a comment.

1.  Go to   Set up an account to send the link of your YouTube video to 50 plus Social Media web sites and collect the individual back link for each posting.

2.  Go to for sending the back links collected to Google for site index so the Google spider will find each link

3.  Go to your Facebook Fan page.  Set up groups in Facebook of other people with similar interest as you, gardening group, bird watching group, family group, car club group, gun ownership group you get the idea.   See below what to do with these groups.

4. Go to this is a service that will employee real humans to view your video and write a comment if you wish all for about five to ten cents.  Yea it is cheating but you need the help and this is cheap!

5. Go to is a similar service to have real humans view your video and write a comment even press the like button too.   Again for about five cents a look.

6.  Use your own personal and company e-mail list of all the Realtors and associates you know, send them a note asking to view your new Listing on YouTube.

Now the details.  Only Wire will use the main 8 social media web sites for posting for free, but what you need is a full account status signed into the additional 47 web sites with user name-password.  The more important item is you need all the back links for each posting for step #2, see Linklicious above.

Now you have the Only Wire back links on a data spread sheet, your ready to log into your Linklicious account to Google Index the links so the Google Spider will find them, this gives your YouTube video the better ranking with the keywords you put on the upload page, remember those words we talked about telling about the property will this is where Google will find them, associate them with your video.  Google and YouTube are now owned by the same company both search engine algorithms need keywords to locate the requested item, in this case it is your YouTube video, so this is the way they, the keywords, get into the search engine the spider needs to find them, in order for the spider to find them the URL of each site and your YouTube video need to be indexed.  Linklicious does the indexing !!  Simple yea?

Facebook Fan page and how to set-up a business page for Facebook is in another lesson guide, stay tuned to our web site.  We can help you make a custom Facebook Fan page get groups set up for you too, plus we all ready told you about getting a custom background for your Fan Page ready.

What to do if you have groups in your Fan Page all ready set-up, send them a simple note , example:  Hey I just put up a new video on YouTube for my new listing take a look and remember to click the Like button and if you really like it write me a comment too.  Thanks Randy.  put the link here to your YouTube Video URL.   You only want to send out a note to a few groups each day or so, not to red flag your account with Facebook as a spammer !!!

Getting people to see your Video will increase the video ranking.  This needs to be real people, do not ever use a machine viewing company, they are out there but YouTube is not stupid this is the best way to get your video barred and your channel closed.

OK, the next best is to have 20 to 30 people view the video everyday over a week or more.  To cheat and do this as not to cause a flag at YouTube, use  as example.  You can open up a task request.  The workers will view your video for 30 seconds if 1 to 2 minutes long, or better for 60 seconds if 2 to 3 minutes long PLUS write a short comment.  You will need to give them examples of the comments you wish, again examples are not the exact wording they are to use.  Like : Wonderful house when I am in the area I will ask my Realtor to show.  I liked the video I will have my Realtor call you. Great  home can not wait to see the backyard views. etc, give them examples of the comments you wish.  These are real people in countries that do speak English OR you can select only URL address for USA too, that takes a bit longer to get a bunch of hits going.  Make the task no more than 20 per day, that means you will have only 20 people each day view, too many draws flags from YouTube as you can not expect to hit a thousand hits in one day, unreal and will get you flagged.  Task is for two weeks.  Now at five cents a task with written comment that is like less than four bucks over a two week period to get all most 300 views, that is good for a Real Estate Video.

Do you have a company e-mail list of other Realtors in your office, other associate Realtors you know, sent them a note to say you have a new listing and please take a peek and YES it is correct to ask them to click the Like button and leave a comment, like Great Listing Randy, I will plan on previewing it soon, or When is this coming on Tour I want to see it, or I have buyers looking for this style of home I will show it this week, are all good comments to get !!

There are other marketing tricks, as one Realtor in Australia uses real actors in his property videos, one such video got a few zillion hits on the company web site.   No he did not employee a famous actor but did find one to run around the home butt naked, no joke and sold the home to boot.  check this out. Showing that even a weird video will sell Real Estate even another Realtor runs around the property showing it off in a full Mascot Chicken suit, don’t you just love them Aussies.

You can see more professional Videos from them at  These guys are the pro’s.  The sellers pay for videos and marketing in other countries not like the state where this falls on the shoulders of the Realtor to market the home on the Realtors dime.  The budget for most video shoots down under are $3500 on the low side to $15,000 for a full production with actors over several day shoot with all the post work too.  Check out Platinum HD they are the gold standard for marketing Real Estate Videos.  We too can help you should you find that special property that need more than a YouTube short video, we have a full production company crews available, just ask Director Melissa to make you the Star, ready on set, quite everyone, settle settle,  now lights, sound, camera rolling, action for your next video.



We do not wish to leave you in the cold, here is a normal Real Estate Video from Platinum, a Gold Gem example of their great work, we can make this happen for your Estate Listing too, just ask Melissa for details.



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