YouTube SEO for Real Estate Video

Hello let me tell you about the secret power of YouTube.  The mega site people now use to find Homes for Sale the second most searched site for Real Estate in the world, with of course Realtor dot com is number one.

Let us help you get your prime listings on YouTube. HD Video captured of the home to create a showcase video, even uploaded to YouTube for you.  There are more marketing things you need to do for getting the video seen and found by the Google Search engine and more about these service in a moment.

Take a look at examples of actual YouTube Videos we have created for Realtors.

Demo Reel One LA Digital Photography Video from Mi6 Films on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Two LA Digital Photography Video from Mi6 Films on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Three LA Digital Photography Video from Mi6 Films on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Four LA Digital Photography Video from Mi6 Films on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Five LA Digital Photography Video from Mi6 Films on Vimeo.

We can market the YouTube video for you and get it listed on over 5o Social Media web sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Liken and 47 more Social Media web sites OR you may follow the steps for a do it yourself approach, either way you need to start with a professional captured high quality video in HD for YouTube, we are your team one.  Social Media Marketing from us is cheap, check below for all additional services offered, it will kick off your YouTuber to a good start.

Video of any home starts at $400. for a basic 2-3 minute home showcase, with your personal voice & video intro of the property.  Add a few neighborhood short clips for an overall feeling of the entire area, you will have a Video you can market the home with, quality, professional image of you, your company and of course the home for sale.

What to do for marketing your newly created YouTuber Video. We have listed a few things we do if you wish to hire us to help you market your video, or again we can point you in the right direction for marketing SEO on YouTube, get your video ready to be found when that buyer searches for a home.

A free property address web site is included with every premium photography package, just ask Melissa. This web site we will embed the YouTube video along with all your still images captured, this is a free service we provide with every premium photo secession, plus one year of hosting too.

OK you want us to make only a video for you, no problem we can make you a video. Then you will need a place to park it on the internet other than our YouTube channel or yours,  a good start is to create a property address web site using a service like GoDaddy to get an individual property address URL, then add a WordPress Blog to the new web site. WordPress will let the Google Spider find your site a lot easier than any other web site type, a Flash based or Java site simply does not work for Google finding you. Keep it simple as a html based site does work.

Next is to get a template to turn your WordPress Blog into a web site. We like to use for web site templates. A Theme Forest web template is included free with our web package.

GoDaddy has a special one price for URL registration and web hosting, click on the link below to get this special package. A $7.99 URL with web site and one year hosting or you want only a URL it is $5.99.
Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

Tell Your story. Share Your Strength. $5.99 .COM from

Your web site is now live, you registered your  URL, purchased a WordPress Template, embedded the YouTube video so what’s next.  Social Media Marketing.

We can do this for you OR you may use a service we use to list your new YouTube URL out to 47 Social Media sites, try one of the best Social Media Marketing tool around, at least one of them.  Only Wire submitter,  This site add your URL video posted link with content to 47, yea that is right 47 different Social Media network web sites.  You will need to have opened all 47 accounts with username and password for each, it take a bit of time, but once opened you can use this service open wire to execute your marketing campaigns.  Want us to do this for you our fee is $59 bucks, we will give you back all the links with your username, password on a spread sheet too for your future use.

You will need the basic three ready, Facebook, Twitter, Linker the other 47 we will create for you, all for one lunch with friends $59 bucks.

Want your own personal or company YouTube Channel, glad to help.   See our next blog post on creation of a YouTube Channel, plus more tips on Social Media Marketing as we still need to get Google to know your YouTube even exist, that is done with back links and index for the Google Spider to find it with the right keywords.



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